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Angela “Angie B.Bryant, well known for her success as a Christian recording artist and prolific songwriter, is quickly becoming popular for her inspirational speaking.

Her mission? To Help people level-up their life’s experience and legacy by challenging them to operate in their divine purpose, unapologetically and with out compromise.

Additionally, Bryant is an entrepreneur, founder of the non-profit organization, By Your Side Ministries, host of blog talk radio show, Life Happens, and author of the soon to be released book, Keeping Christ Center Stage: A Ministry Check for the Christian Artist.

Organizations that have featured Bryant as their keynote speaker, describes her presentation as “inspiring”, “empowering”, and “absolutely captivating”. Major clients include several organizations within the Seventh-day Adventist World Church (women conferences and retreats, schools) and charitable organizations in the Washington, DC area.

Bryant consistently exceeds her listeners’ expectations with her full-of-life, thought-provoking presentations often culminated with a compelling song to reinforce the message. 

Most requested speaking topics refer to purposeful living, adolescent development, leadership, and mentoring.  She has frequented women and youth retreats, church congregations, educational institutions, and community service events; each time leaving them with a message of hope while challenging them to make a difference by taking action.

Bryant keeps a keen eye and ear on the current issues and concerns voiced in local communities (home, church, school, and work) so that her audience is well informed, equipped and empowered. 

Bryant’s passion for purposeful living is evident not only in her speaking presentation, but in her music. In her original song, Born with a Purpose, Bryant states, “you are born with a purpose, purposely designed. When God breathed life into you, He had a purpose in mind.” And with each message, Bryant challenges her audience to explore, embrace and execute their life’s purpose.

Bryant resides in the Northern Alabama.

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