Sounds 4 The Soul

Her Story

Angela Lynnette Bryant, a native of Syracuse, New York, born to Henry (general contractor) and Dorrie (nurse) Bryant, and the eldest of three siblings (Sophia and Henry II a.k.a. Hank), Bryant recognized her call to music ministry early.

When she was just 7 years old, she began singing in church, school and anywhere the Lord presented an opportunity. As she grew, so did her uncompromising love for God’s purpose for her life.

Bryant’s parents, recognizing her musical gift, encouraged her to follow her love for music as she followed Christ. Her mother, a devout Christian and homemaker, help cultivate Bryant’s and her younger sister, Sophia, vocal talent when she formed the family singing group—The Bryant Trio—and started Bryant with vocal lessons beginning in 3rd grade.

There were many Sabbaths the Bryant Trio would serenade the Mt. Carmel Seventh-day Adventist congregation where they were active members. Additionally, Bryant was a delegate for their church at youth conferences and federations.

In 8th grade, while attending Academy Day at Union Springs Academy in Union Springs, New York, Bryant debuted a song, “Somebody Bigger Than You and I”, she and her voice teach, the late Billy Skipper, worked on for weeks. It was this performance that brought the audience and her classmates to their feet, and in her mind, validated her as an anointed and gifted singer.

Aspiring a career in Christian music, Bryant further developed and honed her musical talent singing in choirs and groups throughout her academia.

Wanting to legitimize her ministry in the entertainment space, in 2005, Bryant established and launched Sounds 4 the Soul—uplifting spirits…inspiring souls. This step of faith not only deepened her commitment to her call, but it, also, demonstrates her willingness to follow God where ever he leads. It is under this company that Bryant would work closely with colleague, church member, close friend and producer, Reginald Reid. Together they would write, arrange and produce CDs, concerts, and private fundraising events for her nonprofit, By Your Side Ministries—a mentoring program for teen mothers.

As a result of Bryant’s commitment to serving God, He continues to bless Bryant’s efforts in ministry. In addition to actively participating in worship services, retreats, weddings and concerts worldwide (Morning Song Music Group), she has shared the stage with national recording artists such as Witness, Byron Cage, and John Stoddart, as well as, performed at the Annual East Coast Gospel Music Summer Fest hosted by Dr. Bobby Jones. On more than one occasion, Bryant performed live on the Cornerstone and 3ABN Christian television networks. “It is on the stage in front of precious souls, I am most excited.”, says Bryant. “I know this is what God has called and equipped me to do. For I was born for this purpose.” It is with both passion and conviction Bryant penned and recorded her debut single, “Born with a Purpose”. This song has blessed and inspired many audiences—secular and sacred.

Beneath the musical layer of Bryant there is a story!

In 2006, Bryant was invited to share her testimony on the 3ABN “Today” talk show. As an unwed mother at the age of 19, Bryant could have settled on being a statistic—a welfare recipient for life. Instead, she persevered in earning not one but two degrees (BS and MBA) in business. Furthermore, by God’s grace, she raised her son, Roderick (deceased) and younger brother, Hank, who was on the fast track of becoming a black male statistic (dead or incarcerated by age 25). Personally knowing first-hand the obstacles and hardships of raising children (especially black males) as a young single-parent, allowed Bryant to relate, engage, and empower young mothers worldwide—thus the birth of By Your Side Ministries, Inc (

Part of Bryant’s ministry philosophy is to reach beyond the walls of the church building to include the “unchurched”. Following the example of Jesus Christ, she graces secular events with her soulful and inspirational messages in song and spoken word. Despite what some critics say, Bryant is confident that is what her mission involves as a dedicated soldier in the Lord’s army and boldly takes the stage empowered by the Holy Spirit—her Partner in ministry—to woo the hearts of men, women, boys and girls. With that said, Bryant has graced the stages of jazz clubs, community theaters and centers, music festivals, and government agencies, to name a few. With prayerful guidance, she creates repertoires that carefully combine secular and sacred songs that are energizing yet inspirational. Through these songs, Bryant shares her personal testimony of successes and failures, gains and losses, and fear and doubt. But most importantly, she share God message of hope and love—how it saved and changed her life. And does it so that others can experience it too.

Alluded earlier, Bryant is a passionate inspirational speaker and author. Expanding her listening audience, she created and host the internet radio show, Life Happens: Now what? (2010). With this platform, Bryant interviews authors, music artists, speakers, and anyone who has a positive and empowering message. Special guests include international motivational speaker/author/minister, Dr. Eric Thomas (the Hip-hop preacher and founder of Breathe University), actor/author T.C. Stallings, and author/speaker, Monica Cost (The Things I Used to Do to Sneeze). Both the listening audience and special guests, describe Bryant as a “say it like it is” talk show host who doesn’t coward when the Truth is challenged. Her fiery and contagious spirit keeps her listening audience tuning in weekly. Not only does the show inspire her audience to take life by the horns and handle it, but it’s special guests shared stories and accomplishments arouses Bryant to continue the pursuit of dreams and goal harboring in her heart. And writing a book was one of them.

Fulfilling that dream, Bryant authored her first book, Keeping Christ Center Stage: keeping your music ministry in check, encouraging Christian artists to develop and maintain Christ-centered ministries. Soon to follow is a series of children books based on songs written by Bryant—the first titled, “Tell Me”. Future plans include penning a devotional book for single mothers. The theme of the book is to empower its reader to raise their child(ren) knowing that they are not alone, but that they have the loving and faithful hand of God to assist them. Regardless the stigma society places on unwed mothers, they are precious daughters of God Almighty, and as a result, they shall want for nothing! This is Bryant’s story and it is one she is eager and happy to share.

In 2012, Bryant officially launched her speaking career. Organizations that have featured her as their keynote speaker, describes her presentation as “inspiring”, “empowering”, and “absolutely captivating”. Clients include several organizations within the Seventh-day Adventist World Church, educational institutions, and charitable organizations in the Washington, DC area. Bryant consistently exceeds her listeners’ expectations with her full-of-life, thought-provoking presentations often culminated with a compelling song to reinforce the message.

Recently, Bryant has re-enter the theatrical arena and has been feature in stage plays musicals “Then Sings My Soul” (2016) and “A Christmas Hymn” (2023) and hopes to do more in this space.

When asked why Bryant devotes her life to the work of Christ, she enthusiastically shares that it is her God-given purpose. “In a time where it seems that people are clueless to what their purpose is, there is a need for advocates like me to inform and or remind them of it. For we were born with a purpose, perfectly designed. When God breathed life into us, He had a purpose in mind.”

Bryant is the mother of two children (Roderick (deceased 2018) and Sydni) and resides in Huntsville, Alabama. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Oakwood University, a HBCU (Historically Black College University), and a Master of Bachelor Administration from Strayer University located in Manassas, VA. In the corporate arena, Bryant’s work experience includes Chief Executive Officer, project/program management, event planning, social media marketing and management, real estate, corporate and personal branding, and human resources in both the profit and nonprofit sectors.

Need a quick dose of inspiration? Visit her blog. As the social butterfly she is, Bryant can be easily found on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.