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Purpose: Staying the Course

I can’t believe 2016 is almost over! Taking a quick look over my shoulder, I am reminded of my short fallings in regards to my 2016 goals and this awareness has me wondering if I will realize my life’s purpose.


With two degrees, a singing and speaking ministry, three music CD recordings, a nonprofit that mentors young mothers, a book release on the horizon, not to mention a 17 yr old marriage with two children, one would look at my life and think that I had it good and was on the right track. But am I?

This past September I turned 48, and when that day came I felt anxious and desperate about my life…past, present and future. I started asking myself, “am I living up to my life’s vision…my divine calling?” Or have I compromised it for something I deemed more important such as people-pleasing, fitting in and securing middle or upper-class status?

But why would I do that if I believe in divine purpose?

I hate to admit it, but the truth is that for years I doubted that I could or would fulfill my purpose…to spread the love of God through singing, songwriting, and speaking. Somewhere along the way, between age 7 and my late teens, I lost sight of Jesus and His mission to redeem mankind. He died to save us and He wanted me as a born again child of a  God to make it my mission to help save lost men and women too. Yeah, I sing and speak about the love of God when asked but I haven’t given my full attention to the call. Even when doors opened where it was obvious that God wanted me to walk through trusting Him to direct my every step, I still hesitated, got sidetracked or just outright disregarded what He asked of me.

All are called to be disciples of Christ. But some are called to make it their life career (i.e. Apostle Paul, Mother Theresa, Joyce Meyers). I know that I was called to spend my life serving God in ministry. And that is why I was never completely satisfied with the previously mentioned life accomplishments.  Don’t get me wrong. I am proud of them. But there is something more I need to focus on. And that is the call God has placed on my life when I was just 7 years old…to sing for Him and lead others to Christ.

So no more wasting time I can’t replace. By God’s grace, I will be all that He has called me to be or at least die trying.

I finally realize that it was never about whether or not “I” could fulfill the purpose and mission God has called me and every believer to complete. Rather, it is about what “God” can fulfill in and through me.

So starting now, I am refocusing my mind, resources, and efforts on reaching people for Christ via my singing and speaking ministry. Moving forward, my priorities are Christ-centered, not self-centered, making it possible for me to stay the course that leads to the bright and eternal future God has for me.

How about you?

Much Luv 4 Ya,



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